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We use a number of photography techniques to create exceptional real estate marketing content. These include the blending of natural light with flash images and blending multiple exposures to create HDR images! Every image that we deliver to our clients are edited to a professional standard. Our editing standard will always provide you with basic tonal correction, sky swaps and grass replacement. Additional services include furniture/object removal and virtual furniture. Please note that property preparation is the responsibility of the agent/client. We allow a grace period of 10 mins to clean up before each photoshoot. Once the photoshoot is complete, we will edit the photos and email them to the agent/client via a link 24 hours from the shoot time. 


Floor plans are a standard for any real estate listing these days. We create floor plans for visual purposes using a digital tape measure and software onsite. Our floor plans will demonstrate room dimensions, however, we do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the measurements. Floor plans allow potential buyers to visualise the general layout of the property. We highly recommend adding this to all our photography services. In addition, we also provide a site plan service. We generally use Google Earth or a drone image (subject to aerial conditions) to trace the outline of the site to create a visual site plan without measurements. Clients who wish for site plans to have measurements will be required to provide these figures to us. We are not a surveying company.


This is a recent real estate video created for a client. We use a Nikon Z7 combined with a DJI Ronin-M to obtain those silky-smooth, floating light shots. Our drone services really shine within our videos as well. We create two main styles of real estate videos: music only – where a collection of shots are combined with clever transitions to the backing of music; or hosted, which is to the style of our music-only video, with the featuring of an agent or talent. For the latter, we offer the use of our teleprompter to aid the speaker. All videos come with licenced music and are edited to a professional stand at 1080P which is the current standard for all TV networks. We are always keen to push the envelope and try new and creative ideas. If you have some inspirational content, feel free to email it to use prior to the shoot.


Drones have changed the game for real estate with it’s ability to capture images from unique perspectives. We recommend using a drone for the following real estate listing: development sites, large blocks of land and unique large properties. We do not recommend drone photography for apartments, unless the area surrounding has a unique sell-point. Please note that it is recommend to have 30 meters of clear private land to take off and land. In certain situation, there may be a need to obtain a permit from the LGA (Local Government Area) to take off from council land. We use different DJI-branded drones for certain applications, this includes a Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro and Inspire 2. Our drone operations are backed by a CASA-issued RePL (Remote Pilot’s Licence) as well as a ReOC (Remote Operator’s Certificate). What this means for our clients is that we are fully licenced to LEGALLY carry out commercial work in Australia. We went the extra mile to obtain appropriate licencing and this is what sets us apart from many other businesses that provide drone services. Our currently public liability insurance policy is covered at $10 million. Please note that we comply to all drone regulations set out by CASA and any requests that breach the Australian drone laws will be declined. We will also decline our drone services when and where it is deemed unsafe.